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Bonded Labor

To identify bonded labor in various Places their release and rehabilitation. Bonded labor is the most widespread – so far the least known - form of slavery in the globe.A soul becomes a bonded laborer when their task is asked as a means of repayment for a loanword. The person is then tricked or trapped into working for very little or no pay.The value of their work becomes invariably greater than the original amount of money borrowed. Often the debts are passed on to the next generations.
Many bonded laborers are forced to work to repay debts their employer says they owe, and they are not allowed to work for anyone else.Violence and threats can be employed to coerce them to stick around, and in some instances they are held under surveillance – sometimes under lock and key. To carry out awareness campaigns against this cruel system in the areas having large number of bonded labor and child labor. And provide free and compulsory primary education to all kids.
Bonded labor has existed for hundreds of years before Pakistan. Debt slavery was used to trap indentured laborers into working in Pakistan.
In Pakistan it still flies high in agriculture, manufactories and factories and mainly at brick kilns.In the Punjab area of Pakistan hundreds of thousands men, adult females and kids are forced to work as bonded laborers where they experience little or no pay in restitution for a loan typically used for survival, including medical costs.
Today estimates a minimum 11.7 million people are in force confining in the Asia-Pacific area, the bulk of these are in debt slavery.
All human is treated equally in all respected ways without any discrimination on the themes of caste, creed, faith, economic status.Whole kinds of economic development lead towards poverty and social disharmony which affects peace, economic organization and democracy at national level and international level as well.

Education Program for the Children of Bound Labor

We can change the life of those who have no hope

Let there be joy, always joy in giving,
In serving those who cannot serve themselves.
There is no better gift one gets from living
Than Those sweet will that from the heart upwells.
Let there be pleasure in giving others pleasure,
Enjoyment in giving others joy,
Share happiness, beyond all one might measure,
In toiling in a loving God's employ.
So may we be the instruments of love,
The flesh of God's will working in the world,
Each a thread within the banner of
Redemption, to the winds of time unfurled.
Sacrifice is then no sacrifice,
Obligation then no obligation,
For what is gained has neither peer nor price,
There being none remotely in relation.
How might one find sanctity in service,
Each menial task a grateful act of prayer?
Perhaps if one believed that life was senseless
, Old folk were simply woe one wouldn't share.
Only love gives dignity to all,
Restoring faith in those who heed its call