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Let there be joy, always joy in giving, In serving those who cannot serve themselves. There is no better gift one gets from living Than that sweet will that from the heart upwells. Let there be pleasure in giving others pleasure, Enjoyment in giving others joy, Sheer happiness, beyond all one might measure, In toiling in a loving God's employ...... Read More

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We are charitable orginization who works to transform millions of lifes

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MSF is working in Rural and Urban areas since 2007 for the development of trivial community.
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The Strength of the team is each member.the Strength of each member is the Team.

Director Message

Unfortunately, over the past decade the peace and religious harmony have been shattered as we have experienced many violent incidents resulting from religious intolerance. Many innocent people have been killed, and the question "Where will this intolerance lead us?" remains as a scar on the face of humanitarian organizations. In our daily lives, we see very clearly the differences of opinion, the lack of understanding, the breakdown of respect and the loss of mutual trust and acceptance.
Just few incidents have succeeded in dividing the world population into two distinct camps, and if a serious and concerted effort is not made then there will not be any improvement in the foreseeable future. Rather, we can only anticipate a continuing deterioration in our social and cultural environment. In this context of religious unrest, disharmony and exploitation on the basis of caste, color, creed, nationality and language, MSF is determinedly looking forward and working painstakingly towards bringing about better social change.

MSF firmly believes that the more we sweat in peace the less we will bleed in war, and PEACE cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through mutual understanding. Keeping this rational belief in mind MSF and its devoted team is working from dawn to dusk to make their dream come true. They are creating a new generation of peace workers, peace defenders and peace negotiators who catalyze positive change in the community and work towards conflict prevention, promotion and sustainable peace in the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Pakistan of the 21 century, and beyond.
MSF is known to be a family who fights for the same vision, walk the same path and think with one mind. In the progress and development of MSF, the chief credit must go to the devoted, sincere, qualified and professional team of MSF staff, who work untiringly around the clock and who are ready in every situation to get the job done. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the MSF team for the cooperation and activism that have made MSF what it is today.
I would also like to express my wholehearted appreciation and gratitude to all the MSF donors, who have offered their kind cooperation since the inception of MSF. Their sincere collaboration remains a great source of inspiration to MSF, encouraging our progress, offering hope and providing us with the motivation to persevere in achieving our goal of cultural and religious harmony in our time.
Keep us remember in your prayers and provide us your donations and gifts for the charitable services that we are doing for Uplifting community.
Thank you.

Founder and Director
Mr. Arif

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